The Player Is In Love With Me |1| ( #Watty's 2017)

The Player Is In Love With Me |1| ( #Watty's 2017)

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Dakota Banks and Jake Robinson - two totally different people. Dakota she's the good girl; good grades, close friends, good student and what you usually expect from a teenager. 

Then there's Jake - that popular player that every girl loves and dreams about every night, stares at if he's in their class and fight over him in the hallways. Well there's one thing that they all know but don't care: he's only trying to get in their pants. 

But Dakota is one of the only girls that hasn't been in Jake's pants - and she doesn't want to be one of them. She keeps things to herself and she's quite shy, not a very loud person in class. She also doesn't get why he should go for her anyway since he has a girlfriend, but Dakota secretly has a crush on Jake. Of course, he's a player - a hot player - so who wouldn't drool over him? 

Unexpectingly, Jake gets himself a girlfriend named Bianca Hart and the school's mean girl. Or so they say... Bianca was the nice popular girl which is quite shocking. Yes, she WAS the popular nice girl. Then she started dating Jake and thought she was the queen of the school. 

Months down the road, things start to go downhill in Jake's family. Everyday it gets worse and worse, and he needs Dakota. She doesn't know what to do then she finds out a secret from him. What could it be?

Can Dakota stop before it's too late? Will Jake stop being the player just for Dakota? Is it Jakota or Jianca? But what about if someone comes in their way...?

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mistakekids mistakekids May 30
Him and Dakota...that is what I ship not   that other chick that starts with a B
satinsomnia satinsomnia Jun 12
THE PLAYER IS IN LOVE WITH ME .... hmm, I wonder what this book is about 🤔😂
RczOdett RczOdett Apr 26
I had no clue who she was and then I looked her up and found out she is Hungarian just like me😍😍😍 she's so pretty as well! I'm definitely gonna like this book😊
Ahhhhhhhh love him 😍😍😍he is my favorite character in books, i don't care if he is he evil person in the book i just love him 😍😘💗💗💗💗💗💗
Damn_Dobre Damn_Dobre Mar 16
Alex Lange
                              AJ's best friend
                              15 year old modeling god
                              Sweetest thing ever
                              Dating Bailee Madison
                              Part of Team 10
                              Did i miss something?
This is the 3rd one I've read where he is one of the main characters. I don't like him, cause honestly, he looks like a douche bag, so I'm gonna pretend it's Dylan O Brien