My Baby Bird-DW {Cancelled}

My Baby Bird-DW {Cancelled}

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Bludhaven's finest By Nightwing01 Completed

"I hate this place"

Walking around this new school was interesting  some  people were kind

"The office is that way."

Others were not

But I bumped into someone  on my way to the office I heard him groan

Great making enemies  the first day
"Are you okay?"
A boy with black hair and emerald  eyes ask me.

"YA ya I'm sorry I was looking for the office,my name is Anna."

"tt I knew that,that's what your class schedule  says at the top."He hands it back to me than helps me up.



"My name is Damian.Damian Wayne"

Oh my god I just knocked Damian Wayne over oh brother

"Watch where your going!!!

GothamGirlx GothamGirlx Sep 06, 2016
Haha my name's Anna and everyone calls me that when they want to piss me off 😂