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I'm His Favorite (Kirito X Asuna Lime)

I'm His Favorite (Kirito X Asuna Lime)

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勇気あすな By xXAsuna_SenpaiXx Updated Oct 13, 2016

My 5th fan fiction. I love SAO, and I am obsessed with my OTP, Kirisuna. Hope you like this fan fiction, and please read! Now, for what it is.... 

Dear Diary,

My name is Yuuki Asuna. I am an SAO survivor, and the soulmate of Kirigaya Kazuto. He is an SAO survivor as well, the legendary Black Swordsman to be specific. For me- I am the Flash. Kirito and I are planning to go to college in America next month, and I can't wait to see what will happen! You know, I hear some colleges let you have children... wait. Can Kirito and I...

It WAS an amazing country (then some idiot made Donald trump president)
swiftlythepenguin swiftlythepenguin Nov 01, 2016
I'm being serious when I ask, what is a lime I know what a lemon is but what is a lime.
_OreoPug_ _OreoPug_ Oct 19, 2016
Wow, this was amazing. Very descriptive and interesting. Heh, somehow I knew Lisbeth was behind that
Torichick235 Torichick235 Oct 18, 2016
I believe you have been mistaken. I have had many bad translations in the past, myself. The correct translation for 'no' would be 'iie'. I remember it because it sounds like yeah, but means the exact opposite.