The Fourth Gate

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Brie By CreatingBalance_ Updated 4 years ago
    Keeva is a simple girl with a very complex life.
    Orphaned as babies, Keeva and her cynical twin sister, Kali, have never experienced anything exciting. But after a horrific car accident, truths about the twins' live begin to unfold. 
    Who are they?
    What are they?
Cool prologue can't wait to keep reading and see what else you got up your sleeve.
Kali sounds a little bit evil... Anyways the cliffhanger was not something I was expecting so good job. There were a couple errors, but nothing major. Overall good job! =]
I like your prologue. The diction was good, the sentence structure looked good, and the voice was stunning. It's original, and destroying heaven is a most interesting thing to be writing about. I'm reading it! =]
That is a very good prologue... It makes me want to keep on reading~but u need to have more explanations... for example, who is Satan? What is Nephilim? 
                                    Very good though... Keep Writing :D
i LOVE the prologue. it really drew me into the story. i will read more in my spare time. :)