Rapist | Kai FanFiction (AMBW)

Rapist | Kai FanFiction (AMBW)

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The Kpop Obsession By TaeTae_Kookie_ Updated 3 days ago

"You think cause your famous now, you can get away with rape?!"

"Pretty much."

He's about to get a serious ass beating.

Mhm let's just go to your hotel sure okay *sarcasm level up so high*
Sorry but wrong reference for the moment but...
                              CALL ME BABY 
                              i georineun wanjeon nalliya
It's a following dat just cant be stopped, k dramas don't get me started 😅
I have this theory where the big bird is actually you, son. Don't deny Baek has some Elmo vibes.
HBKchick HBKchick Nov 24
So this girl didn't learn the first time not to go into rooms that people ask you to