I Need a Hero

I Need a Hero

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Everything at Ouran High School changes when the Hidori triplets come to town. Their family is messed up, and everyone knows it. The triplets, from oldest to youngest, are Taro, Tomo, and Tani. They are shy, despite their punk clothing, and keep to themselves, afraid of the world they have grown up in. The three have never been seperated, as they have a derperate need to protect each other. They are so close, in fact, that they feel each other's pain, whether physical or emotional. For so long, they have been each other's heroes. But now, moving to live with their cruel and abusive father after the death of their mother, they need someone else to save them all. What happens when the Host Club finds out about these triplets life outside of school? Will they become the heroes the triplets need? Or will they be too late?

**I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, it's characters, plot, or content.

***Trigger Warnings: physical/sexul abuse, suicidal thought/actions

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