Unpredictable //Septiplier (#Wattys2016)

Unpredictable //Septiplier (#Wattys2016)

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Behaving in a way that is not easily predicted.

Sean McLoughlin is the Irish exchange student that moved to America for a better education, working on his last year of high school. He left his girlfriend behind, but they still talk and they still love each other. Now, all Sean had to do was suffer through one year of high school in America to get back to her.

Mark Fischbach is the band nerd and somewhat jock very well liked by everyone. While his relationship isn't panning out well -his girlfriend being a mega bitch who only uses him for attention- he doesn't let that stop him. He always puts everyone before himself and that doesn't change when he hears there's a new student coming to town.

The two have a rocky start off, Sean being a little off set to Mark's friendly behavior, but slowly warms up to him and his group of wackball friends as they seem to grow on him. But when Mark starts acting different and not like himself, it isn't his girlfriend that comes to the rescue, but instead a certain blue eyed Irishman. And the only question that's on everyone's mind; "Is it possible for two straight guys to fall in love with each other?"

It's been ten years. Ten years since they last spoke. Ten years since their last hug. Ten years since the first and last "I love you".  But, as we all know, a lot can happen in ten years. They both have seemed to have moved on since then. They have amazing fanbases and beautiful girlfriends. Anyone on the outside looking in could call this perfect. But, both Sean and Mark knew it was far from it. The only thing keeping those feelings at bay? The fear of everything they have come to love. Until one day, Sean's life turns upside-down and he knows there's only one man he can go to. Will Mark be his knight in shining...Er, flannel? Or will he be too late? Who knows? Life can be pretty unpredictable, after all...

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