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Harleen Quinzel x Reader

Harleen Quinzel x Reader

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queen By CutestRomanoff Updated Jan 08

Patient (Harleen Quinzel)

You are a patient at the Arkham Asylum, and Harleen is convinced she can fix you. After you escape from the Asylum, you meet her again when she is the insane Harley Quinn.

FandomsUnite1472 FandomsUnite1472 Dec 16, 2016
A wild Crybaby emerges! And another! Would you look at that, everyone in this section is a Crybaby! *joins Melanie fans*
She's not beautiful, she's too amazing to be called something that degrading for someone of her attractiveness.
ocean-empress ocean-empress Sep 22, 2016
this reminds me of gotham ?? im p sure barbara says she set her parents free after she killed them, but hey, that might be the gotham fanboy in me.