Aphmau abused a Aarmau FF

Aphmau abused a Aarmau FF

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Missy By kitty_girl_123 Updated 5 days ago

Hi I'm Aphmau Jessica Phoenix and I'm 16 years old. My step dad abuses me and I don't want to live anymore. I moved to Phoenix Drop high because my old school found out I was being abused. My mom died in a car crash. I don't even know why I'm still alive. I am really shy so I don't have many friends. My old friends and I don't talk anymore their names are Barney, Ross, Sky, Max, Alyssa, and Red. We did youtube together but now that we don't really talk I only watch the videos they make. I miss them so much. My step dad doesn't know about my youtube channel. I have to go he's coming.


Hi I'm Aphmau Jessica Phoenix! My friends call me Aph though and I'm really happy with my life! I get bullied but that doesn't stop me! I'm 17 years old next week and I have lots of friends! My mom was supposed to be dead but she was cursed to leave me and I understand! I live with my mom and dad aka Irene and Shad! My two brothers moved out to live on their own but I still see them! I was abused before but now I'm happy and everything is perfect! I love my little sister Kitty and my cousin Kharye! I can't wait for you to meet my boyfriend Aaron! Hehe my mom and dad are part of the divine warriors and I'm always happy! I have to go my friends are waiting for me at the mall!

kitty_girl_123 kitty_girl_123 Sep 19, 2016
Yes it changes to an aarmau later on cause I planed it to be a larmau but I changed it