Kara (On Hold)

Kara (On Hold)

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Farrah By glitter_xox Updated May 02, 2017

[Kara is book 2 in The Millionaire Series. 
Book 3 and 4 and 5 are included. 
The description below is only for the book Kara. The other books will have their own descriptions, in the book. ]

Kara Knight is an undercover detective. She likes that people are unaware of her profession. They only know her of being a billionaire's daughter.

She can walk down the street, with a camera in hand, and take a picture of the scenery, without people thinking it's just for a case. 

Dimitri Cooper. A name that a lot of people have heard of, but haven't seen him. 

Nor has Kara. 

So seeing a hot guy, picking up flowers, is a picture to catch, right?

What she doesn't know is that one picture, involves her with Dimitri.

[Amazing cover by @achillies-]

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helgadobrik helgadobrik Aug 26, 2017
so what bish if i'm alone? i can whoop you without blinking *flicks hair* people smh
helgadobrik helgadobrik Aug 26, 2017
it seems interesting however the grammar errors and other details put me off. I'm sorry if I come off mean. I hope you can edit this around & get feedback from an editor or critic to better improve. You do have potential though. ❤
                              (lol, i dont even know if you'll see this comment)
helgadobrik helgadobrik Aug 26, 2017
ayee helicopters? fam, no sozz the paps may be nuts but they got no budget to stalk ppl on helis 😂
1-800holywater 1-800holywater Aug 29, 2017
Thank god i found this book I had nothing else to read after damon😂
helgadobrik helgadobrik Aug 26, 2017
hmm, it'd be better if you describe the house rather than display a picture.
laeja_cute84 laeja_cute84 Jan 14, 2017
I would do the same that way I won't be in a position like those ladies in lifetime movies