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Queen Farrah👑 By glitter_xox Updated Jan 02

[Kara is book 2 in The Millionaire Series. 
Book 3 and 4 and 5 are included. 
The description below is only for the book Kara. The other books will have their own descriptions, in the book. ]

Kara Knight is an undercover detective. She likes that people are unaware of her profession. They only know her of being a billionaire's daughter.

She can walk down the street, with a camera in hand, and take a picture of the scenery, without people thinking it's just for a case. 

Dimitri Cooper. A name that a lot of people have heard of, but haven't seen him. 

Nor has Kara. 

So seeing a hot guy, picking up flowers, is a picture to catch, right?

What she doesn't know is that one picture, involves her with Dimitri.

Aphrodite_Damayanti Aphrodite_Damayanti Dec 13, 2016
Food,  imagine all the food you could buy o and makeup dont forget all the makeup
MallikaSingh065 MallikaSingh065 Dec 17, 2016
Y do I have a feeling that Max is gonna cheat Kara with Rosie ?? 😅😯🙁
I would do the same that way I won't be in a position like those ladies in lifetime movies
blueyed_duchess blueyed_duchess Oct 02, 2016
I liked the first chapter. I love that you kept Noah and Kara close. As always your new book is a great start.
Subaita_Arwaa Subaita_Arwaa Oct 13, 2016
This is kinda funny ..a picture at the middle of story 😂😂😂 this story's good