Kiss With a Fist (boyxboy)

Kiss With a Fist (boyxboy)

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ON HIATUS By 16roses Completed


Alec Campbell knows what it takes to keep his loved ones safe. After coming out to his family, it seems they weren't as excepting as they made themselves seem to be. While his mom abandons  them, Alec soon words exactly why his father is never home. And when he does, he wishes he never had.

Sometimes life is a bitch.

Cover photo by Lyla Luoto (Instagram: indelicately)

LGBT_BI LGBT_BI Nov 15, 2016
You say that now but you'll be riding him soon enough sweetheart 😂😂😂
Me about everything in life except for when somebody insults my many fandoms and ships
Jenna13Felicia Jenna13Felicia Nov 11, 2016
You could've gotten yourself killed. He could've bust a cap in your ass and all for 2:50 you got guts kid.
arcticiridescent arcticiridescent May 27, 2015
I'm not exactly a fan about YOU KNOW THE BIG BANG (if you know what I mean) but your story seems interesting so screw this.