KILL At First Sight

KILL At First Sight

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Xashiella By Xashiella Completed

A girl Carolline Watson. Who is so devilish that she can even make the Satan blush.

She flirted with the hell and felt like heaven.

Mr Damon Smith, the teacher who she fell for and got her heart broken.

When she falls out of love for him. He falls in love with her!

But the broken hearts are damn expensive to fall in love again.

 He took off his sweater and gave it to me "Don't roam half naked, wear this." 

I took it and just when I thought that he could be the nice person "Red lace panties? Aren't you a little too naughty?" he whispered in my ears and went.

That perverted monkey!!!

"Am I really that pretty? Or it's just the Satan is distracting you from your religion." there's a deep sadness within me which make me shiver as I say those words to Jack.

"I can never give upon you. Never in a million years" he looked into my eyes a little too long.

"You can't give up on me and I can't give up on him" I smiled through the tears.

[ Highest ranking - #27 in Teen Fiction]


maleeka27 maleeka27 Nov 05
She's so cute and she's one of my favourite actresses. Have you heard her song No Money? I love it 😍😍
mitykat mitykat Nov 14
-lorelai- -lorelai- Oct 13
Hey im from IG you contacted me on here!!!Btw i legit read the first sentences and i already like the vocabulary on here
Read the first three chapters and it looks good it's added to my library!
maleeka27 maleeka27 Nov 05
😮😮😮😮😮 I'm sorry if I look like a creep but I just can't help staring...... 😮😮😮😮😮
vellomello vellomello Nov 14
The cast is SO Good!!! 😍😍😍😍
                              I'm excited to read this book! I loved the description and the book cover!