Heal Me

Heal Me

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The Silent Writer By _SafiyyaB_ Updated Dec 17, 2018

Sebina Fadoul always wanted to lead a simple and uncomplicated existence, a very mundane life with normal pedestrian problems. But her wish seemed about as likely as the sun rising from the west. It was a beautiful dream, but a dream that was to remain just a distant desire, which could never materialise. 

And how could it? She was after all, the cherished daughter of one of the country's wealthiest and most substantial men and the heiress to the Fadoul's multi billion Naira empire.

It might sound nice but in reality, it was nothing short of a disaster. Her life seemed gilded to the outside world when it was anything but. Instead, it was a whirlwind of complications, which left her tied up in things that seemed to weigh heavier than all of world's problems combined.

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