Bite Marks...

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Lauren!:) By chasestatus14 Updated 3 years ago
Ambrogino Ciro very much a blood monster, she has been chased from each country with her protector and best friend Fino, they are known to the hunters and are needing to be taken down...and vampire royalty agrees, but do the humans and wolves?
not bad for a first chapter. I'm in publishing so I am tuned into writing errors and picking them up.  There are a couple of things but all in all a good start.
I thought this was really good :)
                                    Whilst what you've done with the dialogue looks pretty it's not always necessary as usually italics is used to put a stress on a particular word or whatever. 
                                    but yeah, good start! :D x
                                    Keep it up! and you've got my vote :)