Life According to 7-eleven Girl (Eminem fanfic)

Life According to 7-eleven Girl (Eminem fanfic)

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Marshall's POV.

I had just gotten off the tour bus and hopping in this 7-eleven that I hoped had some Red Bull and Nacho's cause after being stuck on that bus for 7 hours and everyone eating up all the food..

I was absolutely starving.

I quickly got in the store with my hood down seeing that no one was really around to recognize me but just in case I grabbed all the items that I thought was necessary to make sure I wouldn't get hungry any time soon.

Then I went up to the counter and saw the cashier who was busy talking on her phone instead of paying attention to the customers like she should be doing.

"Yo, i'm ready to be rung up." I said hoping she would get off the phone.

"No, what your ready for is a new hair style, your hair looks like one of those yellow scrub brushes you would buy at the Family Dollar store down the street." She retorted.

And that's where it all began..

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