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Zanvis ~cold heart~ [some smut]

Zanvis ~cold heart~ [some smut]

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Kat & dat B0i By KatLikeDemApples Updated Feb 20

travis and zane dont get along till travis started fake flirting with zane but then after some time travis fake, travis loved zane but,

will zane love him back?

Pika051 Pika051 Nov 12, 2016
well if they hate you for doing it, then they can write their own damn book.  And my answer is yes.
KatLikeDemApples KatLikeDemApples Sep 27, 2016
Sorry but....i dont really like him but that shouldn't affect you unless ur like a huge fangirl ;-;
Pika051 Pika051 Nov 12, 2016
Funny thing is.... I liked Aaron until I got to Wattpad.  Now I hate him... SO YA
AnimeTurtleLover AnimeTurtleLover Dec 08, 2016
Is that an MCD reference??? 
                              And Aaron died for no reason, people who hate Aaron, FÛCK OFF! HE DID NOTHING TO YOU!! SO STOP HATING ON HIM!!!!
KatLikeDemApples KatLikeDemApples Dec 08, 2016
Yas kinda it was, and sorry but im part of hating him, i mean dont get me wrong i love the person who plays him i just dont rlly like his character...but i do enjoy his character sometimes :3
Pika051 Pika051 Nov 12, 2016
In all the zanvis fan fictions I have read,  this is what would most likely happen.