Ring My Bell - Ring My Bells

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Fanny Thornton By FannyThornton Completed
This saucy story was written for a holiday exchange.  I derived a lot of inspiration for the linked  fanvid, it’s the beginning and the end. Its melody carries through the narration.  Hope you enjoy and have a laugh! The anachronism was requested as well as the tool that appears in the story.
Loved the sauciness of this story...wish there was more to it, but still lovely for a quick read this night. :)
It's too bad after he rings her bell, he doesn't drown her....great story!
Marian, Marian!  The first intelligent thing she's ever done.
I just read this and now I have to find a rocky landing to jump offl.  Hopefully Guy is stilling swimming around!  Great story!!!!
@FannyThornton Yes. Yes, you should. You will regret it forever if you don't.
Don't know why I am umbrellas on here, but what a wonderful piece!--love the sensual nature of it! And GUY--well, what was wrong with that girl, anyway? :P