case closed // cth

case closed // cth

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;) By jazzbud Updated Mar 25

"Hood, are you trying to steal my case?"

"Mm Parker, you got it wrong. I'm trying to steal your heart and the case happens to comes along with it."

"Very funny, stop being a fucking flirt."

In which both highly intelligent special agents are up for the same position, and will stop at nothing to get it. 

Agent Parker believes in fair and square. She is passionate, headstrong and painstakingly honest. She is the worthiest candidate for the position, if not for Agent Hood, her equally matched opponent. 

He believes in justice, for the wrong to be caught, even if it means getting his hands dirty. He doesn't play fair and he's got his sight set on the position as well.  With a seemingly brilliant idea to distract Agent Parker, he soon realises that he can't help but feel drawn to her.

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Jessa17018 Jessa17018 Jun 26, 2017
Asdfghjkl New reader here and so excited for this! Quantico and Calum, OMG
Weirdo_Peasant Weirdo_Peasant Jul 29, 2017
I know how that feels kind of Cal my great grandpa died from cancer 😢
stylesftcth stylesftcth Apr 29
thought that said tessa brooks and i was most definitely shook
Wolf_2466 Wolf_2466 Nov 12, 2016
Some constructive criticism: Divide the paragraphs where they speak. A new person is talking? Go down a few spaces. It makes it a lot easier to read :)
Denise89 Denise89 Nov 12, 2016
Ohh this was pretty good! I love the storyline of Calum as a FBI agent, I can't wait to read about his next case
speshk1234 speshk1234 Nov 15, 2016
Calum in this gif makes me want to kiss him so badly. Look at those lips