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Hades Legacy (Hades Series #3)

Hades Legacy (Hades Series #3)

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caitlin By _caitlinemma Completed

Ellie is just like every other normal eighteen year old girl in the world, except for one big reason. 
      She's the daughter of Satan. 
      And an immortal goddess in charge of managing suicide in the world. 
      And she's been locked in the darkness of the Underworld for her entire life. 
      So basically, her life couldn't get any more abnormal if she tried.
      Ellie longs to experience life like everybody else her age, but for as long as she can remember her parents haven't let her travel up to the surface, and she's been forced to imagine the upper world through the stories her mother told and the books she read. 
      Until, one day, her parents finally give in and let her go up to the surface to see the world through her own eyes, and her world explodes with colour. 
      Then, just when she thinks her life couldn't get more exciting, she stumbles across a very particular green-eyed god; one who throws her perfectly organised world into complete chaos and shows her what it means to live in the light.
      But what Ellie doesn't know, is that the Fates have a prophecy for her. A prophecy that she couldn't escape if she tried. A prophecy that has tangled it's gnarled fingers into the threads of her life, and may just throw the world into the darkness Ellie has spent her whole life trying to escape.
      "He's the son of Aphrodite, she's the daughter of Hades.
      He's light, she's the oncoming darkness.
      He advocates for love, she's the embodiment of death.
      What could possibly go wrong?"
      (Third book in the "Hades" series)

v3Olympus v3Olympus Apr 10
Green eyes? I'm not sure I like that fact......Nothing against green eyes, but my guess on who it may be.....
whorelife whorelife Apr 03
When did Luci have a child? 
                              Waiting for all my spn fam to attack me
Eyeamgorgeous72 Eyeamgorgeous72 Oct 10, 2016
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I knew it was going to be Eros because of how Evie described him at her wedding. For some reason I kind of expect Hephaestus to make an appearance. Anyway, a most probably delicious teenage bad boy in the Hades series? Um yes please!
deep-waters deep-waters Oct 30, 2016
I AM SO GODDAMN EXCITED JESUS FÛCKING CHRIST (how come I didn't see this earlier? I can't wait to read it!!!) (I have to stop jumping around so much lmao)
aboxofdonuts aboxofdonuts Oct 10, 2016
Ahhhhh OMFG. This sounds absolutely amazing. And i can't wait. So excited