Watered Down

Watered Down

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Shelby V Painter By Shelby_Painter Completed

Technically speaking, I died when I was seventeen.

What should have been just another typical day out on the water with my friends, turned ugly fast when a freak storm came out of nowhere and I was thrown overboard. Had it not been for my damned dress, I could have swam to safety, but no, every day had to be a fashion show, and my dress got caught on rocks, holding me down until I drowned.

I thought right before I died I would at least get to see a montage of my fabulous life, all the parties and romantic dates with my perfect boyfriend, Asher, but nope again. Instead, all I saw was a hideous sea monster smiling to me as my lungs filled with water.
When I woke up in a cave in the middle of the ocean, that sea witch made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I could go back to my perfect life, and my adorable boyfriend, all I had to do was give the sea witch two years of my service, and then she'd free me from my fate.

It seemed easy enough at the time, but can the price to live actually come at too high of a cost?

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I mean if you have a good reason for a second chance like you have cancer or died as an infant
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