All It Takes

All It Takes

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danielle ☕ By badostrophy Updated Nov 21

"I may not be one of those perfect, wide-eyed and bright boys you've read about and fallen in love with, but I know that I am perfect for you and you only."

A story about a boy named Lars and a nutty girl named Hazel.

If she had one wish, it would be to exchange her life to live in a book.  

Enter Hazel Ryland, a studious bookworm, who always dreamed of the perfect guy. Guys from her books, the ones who were charming, dashingly handsome, and swept-off-your-feet amazing. Leave it up to her klutzy ways to clash into Lars Millegan, the ever adored blonde boy of her high school.

And he's all it takes for her to reconsider if the boys in her books really are better than the ones that surround her. Because maybe, just maybe, there's one who surpasses all the fictional characters she's swooned over. 

And he's standing right in front of her with those bright blue eyes and that unattainable movie-style blonde locks.

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soliques soliques Sep 06
Well done on your first story thus far! You've done great.
                              I loved the relationship between the MC and their dad. It was so sweet!
How is this your first book? It felt like I was reading something professional and published. You have a serious talent, my dear author