When it Hurts so Bad

When it Hurts so Bad

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Kee_DaGreat By Kee_DaGreat Updated Jan 06

Camryn and Brandon had the perfect relationship on social media, but outside of all the pictures things weren't always peaches and cream. All Camryn wanted was Brandon to be the man he was before his dreams crumbled, but all Brandon wanted was fame one way or another. Luckily Camryn had her besties Keisha, Leah, and Tae to vent to.

Keisha had everything she always hoped for, the paid dopeboy who spoiled her with any and everything heart desired, yet the only thing missing was him. Terrance spoiled Keisha with everything under the sun minus time and affection. Not the naive girl she once was... Keisha wanted more and didn't care whose toes she had to step on to get it.

Leah was living the single life perfectly happy and drama free. She had no issue with getting hers and sending a dude on his way. She saw enough relationship drama through her friends so she was cool on that. One drunk night and a secret later leaves Leah having second thoughts, but the person she wants is off limits and if their relationship got out it could ruin everything.

Tae was the tomboy of the crew. She wore what made her comfortable and didn't give a damn what people thought of her. Basketball was her life and that was her main focus. Not one to keep people in her business, Tae's sex life was always the topic of discussion, but that was her business. Take a ride with these friends as they encounter life, love, and betrayal. 

Love can be beautiful, but it can sometimes make you sad... so how do you heal a broken heart When it Hurts So Bad??

diame1k diame1k Oct 09, 2016
Seriously 😩 it's not what you say. It's how you say it, and how you go about the situation.
AliciaGrayson AliciaGrayson Oct 07, 2016
This chapter is really good- looking forward to the next update
Qveen_Bishop Qveen_Bishop Oct 14, 2016
He spent all them hours on a mixtape?? I wouldve had an album by then!
Leeleeeex3 Leeleeeex3 Oct 07, 2016
I Agree With Him A Lot Of Females Let The Hype Get To Their Heads And They Don't How To Take It So They Just React To It In Anyway But I Agree With Her Too He Needs To Cut A Check ASAP
diame1k diame1k Oct 09, 2016
She messy..I understand that's yo homegirl but I feel like she tbc
Sadity____ Sadity____ Dec 13, 2016
These type of friends is always good to have but also bad to have 🙄😩