My Stepbrother  (G.D)

My Stepbrother (G.D)

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dolanobsessed83 By dolanobsessed83 Updated Jun 25, 2017

It's not right

zalelska zalelska Mar 17
I once took my x boyfriends hoodie and when I found out he cheated I burned the hoodie
DolanTwizn DolanTwizn Mar 24, 2017
No offense or anything but how come all of a sudden the Dolan twins became so popular until now
D0L4N_TW1NS D0L4N_TW1NS Nov 07, 2017
Some of you are like my boyfriend this, my boyfriend that, WELL AT LEAST YOU HAVE ONE. But tbh I really want one but I’m too lazy
Jiminsliltooth Jiminsliltooth Feb 21, 2017
Lol I took my boyfriends jacket on the first date and never gave it back,  he had a funeral for it😂
lunabellaperez lunabellaperez Feb 27, 2017
I took my boyfriend's jacket yesterday when we were walking home from school and I still have he is pissed that's his favorite jacket he keeps asking for it but it smells so freakin good!😂😍omg! But I have to give it back soon...
Mattosaurs1997 Mattosaurs1997 Jan 16, 2017
I know right steal my best friends johnnys jacket and it smells good right💦🐳🌊❤