Taking My Shot- Adopted by Hamilton

Taking My Shot- Adopted by Hamilton

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Story Teller-ish By storybugg Updated Dec 17, 2016

My heart is beating, well more like racing, so fast I'm surprised it's not jumping out of my chest. I staring up into blackness seeing white spots and suddenly it's all covered by Lin's face. He's breathing fast and he has a look of sheer terror on his face he's saying something but I can barely make it out. "I did everything you said dad," I say my voice cracking and sounding weak. 

"I know you did," He says. 

"I-I-I," I stutter but Lin cuts me off this is not how it was supposed to go I never wanted Lin to get hurt, I didn't think he would or that it would effect him that much. 

"I love you. Just stay alive," He says realizing he's made a huge mistake. I'm about to pass out since I'm freaking out so much when I hear a woman's voice and she appears next to him. She has a look of terror as well she was yelling not at me or Lin I think just at the world. 

"I'm sorry," I say not knowing what else to do I feel so lost and confused. The only thoughts going through my head as she kept speaking was; how did I get here?
Join Riley take her shot when she gets adopted by Lin Manuel Miranda and basically the whole Hamilton cast. But what will happen that could make or break her life and everyone around her?

paige7667 paige7667 Sep 14, 2016
I don't know if it is meant to be like this, but where is chapter 1 I can't find it
HamiltonHipster HamiltonHipster Sep 26, 2016
"Lin I consider you a qoute friend, you take me to these shows and I can see your difference from most man" I can't get this song out of my head!