Take My Hand {Luciel X Angel}

Take My Hand {Luciel X Angel}

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Angel By AngelSplash Updated Jan 28

Abandonment -

She knew the word all too well.

Cold -

That was what she had become. 

Hope - 

That is what Luciel will give her.

NeverLatte NeverLatte Apr 10
This is sad.. because I have a friend named Jasmine and I do call her Jazzy.. T-T
You have no Idea how happy I am that this didnt say Luciel X "Angle"
Cheese-Sama Cheese-Sama Jun 28
No, what, wait..? Did she commit suicide? The paragraph says she "Left" this Lexie person, so I can only assume she killed herself?
Cheese-Sama Cheese-Sama Jun 28
Okay what is this some science fiction like uhm book or something
                              Because you usually here "You traitor" in that kind of book
Cheese-Sama Cheese-Sama Jun 28
I have a crush on a girl named Lexie... What did Jasmine do to her..? Remember
                              I protec
                              But I also Attac
I have a friend named Jazzy too! It's not a nickname Either, her name really is Jazzy!