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Letters Kept Hidden

Letters Kept Hidden

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♫ R E V E K A H ♫ By BeYourself101xx Updated Jan 25

Endless suffering. Everlasting pain. A continuous cycle slowly causing her to fade away. To fall apart. The insults, the jeers, the shoves and the blows... the bullying itself was all too much.

Meet Alison Rose Black. A teenage girl who endured the taste of hell nearly every single day. The girl who felt like she was just a worthless nobody, and that she was practically on her own - an outcast amongst the students, and the loner within her family. 

With no one to spill her inner feelings to, she would often hide away and write letters to pour out her emotions. Letters which were written for her someone in particular - her ex-best friend who had turned into one of her bullies and tormentors. Why he had though? Well, she had no clue.

But with the hope of one day having their past friendship restored, she wrote the letters, keeping them safely hidden from sight until she was ready to let him find them and read them for himself. But when would she be ready when he joined in with making her life a living hell, stupidly thinking that it was for the best?

There was only so much that Alison could take. That she could bear. There was only so far that she could go before she would shatter completely. Will things ever turn out for the better?

Or more importantly, will he ever return to her side and be there to catch her if she falls?

*Trigger Warning: May include several references to self-harm and depression*
Highest Rank: #101 in Teen-Fiction (13-10-2016)
Book Status: Incomplete (In Progress)

A Wattpad written novel: Letters Kept Hidden
Story by Revekah @BeYourself101xx 
Cover by @AasiyaDaya
All Rights Reserved ®. Copyright 2016 ©

Jalini Jalini Oct 01, 2016
That's true... yeah bullying is fun at first till it gets the worst outcome.. so it's nice that you have addressed something that should be corrected in the society... short and sweet introduction... good luck....
JunoStargazer JunoStargazer Dec 15, 2016
This is a really sweet introduction and I'm looking forward to reading this book :-) I've dealt with my own experiences of bullying and what bullying does to people definitely needs to be written about!