Let Me Know | Camila/You (girlxgirl)

Let Me Know | Camila/You (girlxgirl)

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Y/N just graduated from high school and she decided to leave her past bad life. As she started her college life, she decided to improve her singing and mixing songs skills. So she decided to do cover of songs and be a Youtuber. 

One day, she posted a cover of her singing one of Fifth Harmony's songs and what she didn't know was that all the girls loved her cover. Later did she know, she was called by Simon Cowell and was invited for a meeting with him. 

What happened when Y/N meet the girls?  What will she do when she realized she was developing feelings for the one and only Camila Cabello? Will their relationship go smooth?

G!p you.


Hey, just a note that I think I'm not really good and this is my first book ever, so if there's any mistakes, especially the grammar, forgive me, yeah? Thanks a bunch! xx