MysticMessenger | Reader Insert

MysticMessenger | Reader Insert

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faggots By mysticpair Updated Jan 25

Seven (@jamiedied) and Zen (@gabe) write some Mystic Messenger fics.

Requests Are: O P E N

Info About Content
If there is more than one label in the fanfic, the most used one will be in the title, and the rest in the top of the fic before it starts. Just so everyone will feel comfortable on what they'll read! - 707

Random/Shitpost : (Shitpost)
These are literally just shitty fics that we started to write seriously and then ran out of inspiration for. Lmao don't take these seriously. We post them like all the time, so expect tons. Both Zen and 707 write these, but Zen is most likely to take the shitpost requests and write these.

Lemons : (L)
These are mature rated, there is sexual content. Everywhere. These are most likely to be written by 707

Fluff : N/A
These are not really needed to be labeled, since it's just fluffy cute stuff. Most likely to be written most by Zen

Angst: N/A
These are not really going to be rated R or anything, but they will be sad, so prepare. Most likely to be written by 707 and Zen. We both love fucking with your feelings.

Limes/Kinky: (X)
These are going to be labeled in the title, because it will have strong references of sexual content. They will not include sexual content, but it is highly mentioned. These are most likely to be written by 707, and occasionally Zen.

Neutral: N/A
These are just regular fics. No need for any labels. It's a mix of fluff and just everyday things. These are most likely to be written by Zen, and occasionally 707.

Please contact either Zen, or 707 by their original accounts. Or message us privately on this account. We only use this account for fanfiction purposes.
All the characters besides you, belong to Cheritz.

(Does Jumin Han Is Gay?)

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_Neptuneee_ _Neptuneee_ Jul 24, 2017
HagarenNoWaifu HagarenNoWaifu Sep 22, 2017
w h a t
                              h-holy... *grabs cross and holy water. sprays it on my eyes*
                              wow, my eyes
dat_bo111 dat_bo111 Jun 29, 2017
                              btw great intro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌😏😏😏😏😏😏
Fiore_flower Fiore_flower Oct 22, 2017
I think I walked in on something.... imma just leave now....... bye seven
-Latin-Queen- -Latin-Queen- Jul 08, 2017
*cringes* that's a great start for this story Luciel...*cringes more*
Yoloforprez2051 Yoloforprez2051 Jul 21, 2017
Wtf?! This is so weird but i love it! What does he do with honey budda chips???