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Whatever Princess [EDITING]

Whatever Princess [EDITING]

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Manal. By Manall_x Updated 3 days ago

||#72 Teen Fiction|| 28-04-2017||
''B-but I don't even want you'' I said while playing with the ends of my shirt and not even looking at him.

''Bullshit'' He said while standing up and stepping closer to me ''Everyone wants me"

That selfish jerk, ughh.

''But I don't'' I said while standing up to face him. ''I don't want you'' I said while putting my finger on his chest. ''And why are you stil shirtless, go put some clothes on dudeee'' I said trying to act cool. GOSH THAT BODY LOOKS SO GOOD!

Alright don't blame me, I mean I kept myself calm the whole conversation, but omg his body is just sooooo HOT! That abs though. DAMNNNN. 

He took a step closer to me and came with his mouth towards my ear, I think he's gonna whisper something in my ear, yeah I really think he's gonna do that, gosh this situation is so awkward, it feels like his face is so close to mine for already 5 minutes or something, make this stop, please? W-wait he's opening his mouth he's gonna whisper some-

''I will make you want me''

And then, of course, the lights turned on again..

He walked out of my room and left me standing there with my mouth open.

''But I already want you'' 

Meet Aiden, the school's bad-boy which every girl falls for, he's the kinda guy you see kissing another girl everyday somewhere in a corner at school, he's the kinda guy with the looks, abs and the girls which every nerdy little boy looks up to, unfortunately..

Meet Aylana, she's your typical teenage girl who loves reading and shopping, a nerd? No you should definitely not call her that,even though she kinda is...,in her sight she's the opposite..She doesn't like Aiden, but when he moves in with her thinks change..

Will they get along besides his bad past..? Find Out In: Whatever Princess 
 COVER MADE BY: fictived
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ChichiReigh ChichiReigh 5 days ago
I cant read the casts again cloe moretz is their the crush of my crush i know some of you may not understand but it hurts.....
                              No offend writer:)
haylee13891 haylee13891 Sep 06, 2016
This is so sad, i couldnt imagine being separated from my brother...
xX_DepressedAngel_Xx xX_DepressedAngel_Xx Dec 18, 2016
fictived fictived Sep 05, 2016
I love it x Can I make you a cover? I love how much I can relate to this book 😂
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Nov 28, 2016
Ouch..... I get her and all but......... just don't get how she can stand her bro
That last bit was so sad :( I really like where this story is going though!