~COMPLETE~ Naruko Uzumaki  (Sasuke Love Story) //BOOK 1\\

~COMPLETE~ Naruko Uzumaki (Sasuke Love Story) //BOOK 1\\

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piper4562 piper4562 Apr 15, 2017
Omg she does act like her mom when shes mad kushina has major anger issues lol(like me)
YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess Oct 09, 2017
Uh, grammar!!?? If I were there I would have grab a marker and write a ‘ and a E at the end of YOUR
RyleighCox RyleighCox Jun 26, 2017
Don't be lazy, it won't kill you to put Y and an O, to spell the word YOU........
Asvenom1 Asvenom1 Dec 06, 2017
Too many emojis. The reader needs to read not look at small faces.
Snack_Shop_Trash Snack_Shop_Trash Apr 27, 2017
I'm more like... If Sai and Hidan had a kid... Yeah. I don't talk much but, when I do... I have at least three curse words in a sentence
KaiLsleie KaiLsleie Oct 03, 2017
I'm just laughing at the villager's poor grammar rn😂😂😂