The Glee Club | a YouTube Fanfic

The Glee Club | a YouTube Fanfic

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When Thomas Sanders, an English teacher, starts the school's glee club he will try to do the impossible; unite all parts of the school with the love of music.

The names on the sign up sheet all have their own story: Carrie Hope Fletcher, a girl who lives in the shadow of her older brother, Dan Howell, the only openly gay kid in school, Jon Cozart and Dodie Clark, the band geeks with angelic voices, and Evan and Connie, the co-captains of the Cheerios.

Will this team of misfits be united, or will it all fall apart; find out on


(Kind of based off the tv show glee, but totally different storylines)
(Do not steal this story or I will report you)

Ashtheunicoorn Ashtheunicoorn Nov 23, 2016
I haven't read a thing of this yet but I this is everything I never knew I needed in my life
orcagirl54 orcagirl54 Jan 09
Ok no Evan got a maths degree I'm pretty sure he's very smart lop
Nuuuuuu Evan my smol bean he's so smart. He's anything but normal and in the best way possible!
RatSivan18 RatSivan18 Jan 24
Well, Dan is going to be in it, that's going to be a problem
terrifiedtreehouse terrifiedtreehouse Dec 30, 2016
are all the characters eventually going to get YouTube's or is that just Jon's don't have to answer that, just some thinking