M I A M I || A Bryson Tiller Sequel

M I A M I || A Bryson Tiller Sequel

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$Ø THØTŁĖ$$ ✨ By YoMuvaHoe Updated Jan 03

Bryson and Naomi. 
Naomi and Bryson.✨

From the 502 to the 305 ✈️ can Bryson and Naomi keep the fire alive?

The new album is out and Bryson is back in the lime light of the music industry. That means more shows, tours, fans, cameras, and groupie hoes.

Naomi of course isn't used to this industry lifestyle. Her job has always been to write about it, not live in it. This is the price you have to pay when you're in love with someone that's a star.

The true question is can you handle it?

Can you deal with the eccentric, fast, beach life of--MIAMI?

Sequel Warning: please go read LOUISVILLE first or you will be lost!

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justbeingme247 justbeingme247 Sep 27, 2016
Omg this made me cry. I want to so smother you with hugs right now you are my new favorite author this book series is amazing and I hope you know that
trvptiller trvptiller 11 hours ago
Oh damn yeah, uh never knew no I never knew that you'd be a freak and a friend too, you into every I'm in into
TheGoldenSouls TheGoldenSouls Sep 13, 2016
GURL! I wanna hug yo ass right noww like girl. You are now my favorite author. Like no tops. This is my favorite book series. No doubt. Man this shid is lit.