Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story

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Tamara Lush By TamaraLush Updated 2 days ago

Pages turn and sparks fly when bookstore owner Emma Price meets a billionaire at a literary event. 
 Caleb King is older, commanding and unusually sexy. He hires Emma to read him a story, and their love journey begins. 

Praise for Tell Me a Story:

"A steamy romance plus a captivating storyline makes this the perfect read for any 50 Shades lover." - Redbook Magazine
"Tamara has such an engaging voice, sexy, likeable heroes and heroines and a wry sense of humor." - New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery
"Tamara Lush tells a story of undeniable lust and temptation." - Buzzfeed

  Emma, a free-spirited bookstore owner in Orlando, keeps her business afloat with innovative ideas. Her most popular evening event is Story Brothel, where customers can pay writers to read aloud to them in a story-time for two, complete with cocktails. Despite the name, the event is usually tame. But things take a steamy turn when a handsome, urbane businessman hires Emma for a session in a private cabana. Daringly, she shares with him a reading of her erotica. Soon both of them are feeling the effects ... and Emma's wondering what kind of lover is underneath his expensive suit.
  Caleb may be a billionaire real estate mogul, but he's never been captivated by a woman as he is by the lovely, quirky Emma. Her rockabilly vintage dresses make him long to strip them off and do very wicked things to her. And her refusal to share her personal life only makes him more curious.
  Soon the couple are spending every available moment together. But Emma's building is in danger of being razed out from under her bookstore ... and worse, Caleb may be behind her problems. Can she trust him with her life as she does with her body? Or will the prickly walls built during her harsh past keep them apart?

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JessaMartell JessaMartell Jul 04, 2017
I love that quote. For some reason it always reminds me of that Hunter S Thompson one, "I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me."
PupFiction PupFiction Dec 01, 2017
I honestly got intimidated by the 119 parts then I realized you cut down the chapters into 5 parts. Now it makes sense. lol
ProbablyHumanX ProbablyHumanX Nov 02, 2017
I appreciate how real this feels, like this isn't some cliche "Omg he was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen!" I like how it's honest and it could actually happen
SallyChanqq SallyChanqq Jul 17, 2017
i love the fact that it says "he wasn't the most handsome man i'd ever seen, ..."
ChrisBuono ChrisBuono Oct 17, 2016
Lol, @TamaraLush !  That seems to be a winning format for this story. ;)
MaryFahey MaryFahey Jan 25, 2017
The opening line shows we have a decisive heroine. I like that.