Was I Just A Dare?

Was I Just A Dare?

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☯️Dylan POV☯️:
"Let's play truth or dare!" Ricardo shouted so loud my ear nearly exploded.

"Ok , I go first !" I exclaimed with a voice I use to show I can take anything without asking ,especially the girls. Any girl will die to have me they just practically throw themselves at me and all I have to say is yes.

"Okay truth or dare tough guy!"John smirk grows.

"Dare dumbass , who do you take me for!" I say while leaning across our lunch table, to intimidate him.

"I dare you to be best friends with Nichole for a Month!" John exclaimed.

"Deal" I said shrugging my shoulders. She will take me right away , She has To! I am practically irresistible.

Nah that's to easy... Get her to fall in love with you in 2months because I know she has a wall built around her against boys." John smiled and glared evilly. 

" I thought you liked her!" I nearly shouted but I kept it quiet.

"Yea and I think I still do so I need to test myself.But I also like other girls so ...I'm not ready to settle down yet" John yet again smirked.

"Okay , So I will get her to fall in love with me and what if I don't?" I asked making my stomach twist.

" You have to settle down with a GIRLFRIEND!"John laughed and so did Ricardo."Ricardo your dare would also be the same thing ...basically you guys are competing to see who is the best player there is." John laughed.

"Deal !" Ricardo and I shouted and we all shook hands.

Basically John was our referee while Ricardo and I played a game.


Dylan the schools biggest player in senior highschool is asked to do a dare on the shyest girl in school In 2 months. Can he do it?

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