Destroy What Destroys You

Destroy What Destroys You

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Years have passed since that awful day occurred and changed everything in the lives of everyone who was involved. 

Averey & Austin now have a beautiful family that they have always wanted. The past is behind them...or is it really? 

It's the start of a new year for the Carters and life is great. They hardly think of what happened but you can never really forget what happened even if you try really hard to. 

Averey's nightmares come once in a while. Austin gets flashbacks out of nowhere at times. Point is they are still affected. 

It's indeed a secret only some know and they plan to keep it that way. 

Tori though doesn't want this secret to be over with. Little does Averey or Austin know that she was involved with the entire fiasco that was played out. 

She has stayed away from the Carters for over three years. She told Austin she wanted to travel so that is where everyone thinks she is. But that isn't the truth now is it. 

She has spent three maddening long years watching. Watching their every move. Watching their lives move forward. Every second gets her even more and more mad and crazy. 

She needs to stop this. Life wasn't planned out for her this way. Her entire family is gone. 

The day has come and she is ready. 
Ready for revenge. 
Ready to destroy. 

Destroy What Destroys You.

ldlp0206 ldlp0206 Sep 07
Can't wait for more I read Mr Carter in two hours I was addicted
Damn I can't wait until the next update. It's already lit af 👌
beca_6090 beca_6090 Sep 05
Yasss. Its funny because I just barely finished the first one 😝😝
I love how that stated it already gave me chills XD can't wait for the new update :))
A Sequel is always a sequel! There isn't always a happy ending. Can't wait for the next update! <3