No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked

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Dr.Raven Poe works for the LAPD as a pathologist and anthropologist. Specializing in all bones and fleshy corpses alike. She is also the partner of Detective Chloe Decker. Though the two women have known one another much longer than that.

Raven's parents disappeared without a trace when she was fifteen years old. Thus leaving her in the care of her godmother, Penelope Decker.

 Such a tragedy, left Raven quite the rational and emotionally distant woman with many more issues. 

Raven thinks she has everything figured out, until her rational mind is compromised upon meeting Lucifer Morningstar. She witnesses things that she cannot explain without jumping to conclusions of the supernatural. Raven is not the only one taken off guard by the presence of a stranger.

Lucifer finds himself oddly intrigued by the young woman and is trying to wrap his head around his strange pull towards her. 

(The character of Raven Poe is inspired a bit by Temperance Brennan in the TV show Bones.)

I'm sorry but I'm In love I just keep read this book when I'm bored even though there only two chapters
Um yes hello this is by far the Lucifer book I've read honestly I love it 😍
Vey good chap and I love that u r following the episodes. Not a lot of stories like that