the peculiarity of love // dramione

the peculiarity of love // dramione

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"The sunrise illuminated her face and gave her a soft glow, making her seem like a perfect painting. Her smile shone brighter than the sun, and he wondered why he had never noticed it in the way he did now. In that moment, Draco felt a different rhythm work its way into his heart and embed itself into his soul. One word echoed through his mind. Hermione."

Completed on October 18, 2016. Updated since then. 

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Disclaimer: Strong language and some mature themes are written; all characters and settings belong to JK Rowling.

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echopencil- echopencil- Apr 29
“caring for their safety” how cute, ferret-boy has a heart
echopencil- echopencil- Apr 29
If it keeps up, you’ll have to buy a ring and force a proposal out of Draco to Hermione.
suga-crush suga-crush Sep 13, 2017
I bet she's off to make plans to make them alone, for the sake of Dramione.
suga-crush suga-crush Sep 13, 2017
Your gonna share a life soon.
                              And it starts with a bed. 😏
smjkahnshsiwitoc smjkahnshsiwitoc Sep 25, 2016
Did you know that hippos kill more people than lions do per year
ilovecauliflowers ilovecauliflowers Sep 10, 2016
Omg I couldn't find anyone else who ships Dramione I'm so happy I found this fic