what he wants • dh & pl

what he wants • dh & pl

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soft kiddo™ By galactic_space_kid Updated 3 days ago

"Yo, pastel!" He shouted up at the window, and I glanced at the other houses to make sure no one was watching this. "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" He saluted me with two fingers, and I rolled my eyes. "See you at school, pretty boy!"

I stepped away from the window, falling backwards onto my bed and ran my hands over my face. Great. Just fucking perfect, of course he's going to my school. I could hear him whooping outside my window, and couldn't help but smile.

Fucking gorgeous punk dork.


Warning ⚠️ contains smut cause I know that's all you horny motherheckers are here for

megan82503 megan82503 Oct 27, 2016
I just snorted. 
                              Like full on snort. 
                              What the fudge I'd wrong with me?!
megan82503 megan82503 Oct 27, 2016
This so reminds me of Sal from Impractical Jokers... 
                              I'll just leave now...
existentialphan existentialphan Oct 04, 2016
boi I stg if you don't fūcking eat i will fight you don't get into that shít because it's really hard to get out of now go fix some goddamn cookies and eat every single one of them because cookies taste good and you deserve some cookies you twat