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Aphmau RP

Aphmau RP

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KittenzRule By CatzRCoolz Completed

This a Aphmau RP if you are interested. I love Roleplaying so Why not make a book for it

Name: Sanna~Chan
                              Eye color: Dark purple
                              Hair Color: Strawberry
                              Personality: Shy, Stutters alot, Doesnt talk often, Blushes a lot
                              Race: Meif'Wa
                              Extra Information: Not really talked to, Blushes alot while spoke to, Socially Akward, Seems like I have a hard time making friends
Name: Alaska (Kally)
                              Eye Color: Green/Gray/Blue (depending on mood)
                              Hair Color: White and navy on the ends. 
                              Crush(s): Gene, Aaron, Laurance
                              Personality: kind, weird, hyper
                              Race: Werewolf
                              Extra info: Travis's twin sis that he's protective of.
SugarChloe SugarChloe Feb 19
Name: Chloe
                              Eye Colour: Brown
                              Hair Colour: Blonde (Like mustard)
                              Crush(s): Dante, Gene & Levin (Grown up)
                              Personality: Flirty, Tsundere, Yandere, Sweet, Kind & Protective
                              Race: Werewolf
                              Extra Info: Sister to Sasha.
Love_Legend Love_Legend Jan 21
Name: Skyler or Sky
                              Eye color: Dark brown
                              Hair color: Dark brown
                              Crush: Dante
                              Personality: Shy, sassy, kind, hot head
                              Race: Angel and Demon
                              Extra info: Travis's older sister, is the princess of magic
-Official_Lily- -Official_Lily- 2 days ago
Name: malachi
                              Eye color: chrystalized blue
                              Hair color: originally black dyed blue
                              Crush(s): laurence, the new character ian, zenix, and sasha
                              Persona: evil
                              Race: wearwolf and part witch
                              Extra: has a kitten named mittens. They are a non-binary pansexual.
Name: Rowan 
                              Nickname: Ron(sounds like row)
                              Eye color: real eyes
                              Hair color: blond hair to her knees
                              Crush: Travis 
                              Personality: nice, loving, shy, and very kind
                              Race: neko, white tail and ears
                              Extra info: Nope