Stranger Things Oneshots and Imagines

Stranger Things Oneshots and Imagines

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Elizabeth X By OogleJoogle Updated Dec 25, 2016

Yo whaddup it's Elizabeth with the rundown for youuu

-I do JonathonxNancy oneshots and probably anything else you request

-I do imagines for:
(if you'd like to suggest another character, comment it on dat first chapter, babe)

-Don't do smut and I don't do incestuous oneshots, sorry you little weirdos 

-Platonic imagines/oneshots can be done with any character you please!

-For the kids in the show you can request oneshots but just not anything too weird. They are pretty young. 

-I write my imagines from a female perspective, but if you'd like it from a male perspective,  a non-gender specified perspective, or anything else, I'd be perfectly comfortable with doing so!! 

-Requests open. I need them! Please! Don't ignore this! Ahhh!

idkminter idkminter Sep 05, 2016
please may i have a jonathon imagine? where theyre both really shy , maybe it could be dustins sister? and the boys get em together in a cheeky way? thank you! much love xxxx
little-nabb little-nabb Nov 15, 2016
Oh goodness if your still doing this book I'm in love w/ your writing and your Jonathan one shots. So I request another cute fluffy Jonathan one shot? I would love it if maybe Reader just knocks on his window in the middle of the night and they go out and be dorks in the forest.
allthefeelsarereal allthefeelsarereal Feb 09, 2017
Got should do some more for the girlies (Barb, Nancy, Eleven) ❤ PS u the best