My Teenage Naga [PurplePhone]

My Teenage Naga [PurplePhone]

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Parental Unit By Thatonefnaflover Completed

"Never go in the forest.
There's monsters in there.
No one ever comes back.
You'll die in there. 
The snake creatures will get you." 

All things Scott was told his entire life, and believed. Everyone in his town wouldn't dare go in the forest. Not even the toughest gang in his school. 

While trying to fit in, the gang Scott becomes acquainted with forces him to spend one night in the forest, or they spill his biggest secret. What is his secret? It's actually not bad, to most at least, but his parents would never understand. 

Trying to keep his secret, he agrees to spend a night in the forest. And once he entered, his entire life changed.

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ShibiiChi_ ShibiiChi_ Jun 02, 2017
Fritz I give you a flower. I'll shove this flower down your throats while you sleep and make you choke to death and when your friends find you e dead they will find thorns sticking out of your neck and omg I'm being to brutal
Uhh don't make fun of speech impediments you dïck (pardon my language it really gets to me cos I used to stutter :/)
make101 make101 May 13, 2017
Why is Fritz alway the bad guy when I read stories like this? Can't he be a cool dude for once?
ShibiiChi_ ShibiiChi_ Jun 02, 2017
-sticks dirty nails into fritz's eyes and takes a hammer out- (you can imagine the rest)
ShibiiChi_ ShibiiChi_ Jun 02, 2017
Dude why isn't Jeremy getting punished for dat then? XD I'm gonna keep on reading it will probably get answered though I would think jerbear might have a hard time hiding that secret of his
-_Seth_Furude_- -_Seth_Furude_- May 04, 2017