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This is Euphoria

This is Euphoria

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✧ By -fictitious Updated 2 days ago

Strangers solely knew what they've heard of her; her name conveyed her truest caliber, she was fit for a goddess. When she was only a child, it had been rumored that an enchantment had been placed on her tongue making every word she spoke enticing. 

Those who associated with her knew that she didn't pertain to any fictitious powers, she only acted as who she had already mastered, herself. 

Although she wasn't anything larger the life, she was a run for your money. Her charisma was contagious, and her laugh was a dangerous game.

Competition isn't what drove her and she knew no maliciousness. She was oblivious to which when she talked to someone, her words were programmed in a way that held them hostage.

She knew she was a likable person, but she never viewed herself as the sire everyone made her out to be. She was just who she wanted to be. She didn't mean to be rebellious, it was just her nature. 

Her friends who believed they had grasped the essence of who she was didn't know an actual thing about who she could be. She believed the only person who has entirely unraveled her is herself, that being, she had to be her own best friend.

She was content in trusting she knew her own boundaries and beginnings, but when she meets a love sick fool, that whole system collapses. 

She doesn't detect any phenomenon brewing, but one was; he brought out the most hypnotic parts of her. She doesn't care that he managed to get under her skin, because when she's with him, she's in a constant state of euphoria.

In the midst, there's one person who knows her better than she knows herself. She's a free spirit; a wanderer, an antidote against time. She's a queen to no customs.

- - Nov 01, 2016
Omg that is FANTASTIC man I love this book already😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Raya200 Raya200 Nov 13, 2016
                              It's soooo goooooooooood
                              I'm saying that because it's the truth :)