In love with an idiot

In love with an idiot

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Sae.冷藝晗 By saehan01 Updated Oct 24, 2016

Author:  水千丞 Shui Qian Cheng 
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I am deeply in love with you, however you are in love with an idiot. 
The idiot, he does not love you, you are more of an idiot than the idiot.
The you that loves this idiot, I am more of an idiot than you.
To simply put it, these lines narrates the story of who is more of an idiot.

Jian Sui Ying & Li Yu's journey

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  • 你却爱着一个傻逼
Beliebella_ Beliebella_ Dec 01, 2017
I am ready to get hurt and angry and feel things
                              Oh shoot I have to push back lawless gangster 😭
Beliebella_ Beliebella_ Dec 01, 2017
This just came on my recommendation...lord I haven’t finished reading the lawless gangster , addicted and advance bravely 😫😫😫😫 now this ! 👀👀 I love and hate you for killing me slowly ...I love death 😍😍😫
blxmeee blxmeee Jul 07, 2017
The ml loves li yu but li yu loves the ml brother aww😩😥
unprettykiddo unprettykiddo Jul 02, 2017
I was reading calmly when I suddenly stumbled on this and hell,  I choked.
blxmeee blxmeee Oct 11, 2016
Im assuming the step brother loves his older brother but his older brother is in love with his best friend who straight
blxmeee blxmeee Dec 05, 2016
Oh my im assuming jian sui ying was a top but he bottoms cuz of li yu