Osomatsu-San scenarios

Osomatsu-San scenarios

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dekusmashmypuss By Queen_Matsu Updated Sep 08

ever wanted to date NEETS ? 

yeah I know right who would want that pain - DAMN IT THEIR HOT! 

You get to date some NEETS and have children , yup this is my description

Im not ready for children..take my sister instead shes virgin wait im also a virgin dammit she even have someone else dammit
I once thought a pencil was a makeup pencil fir your eye...my teacher killed me when I almost poke my friends eyes..but i was doing his makeup (his a guy his straight and i was at kindergarten and five years old at that time)
Its funny,because in real life,people actually make fun of my stutters
I like how the call me part is in stutters but then he turns back into Satan.
Hold on why is are cat named crum cazse it aounds like c   u     m
What's your name?
                              Little Timm-
                              Ima call you Billy, what do you think it's like being a paranoid of people game designer BILLY, you think its fun, BILLY? Well it's not. You don't know how hard it is,  like how tf am I supposed to make games not knowing what people like BILLY