Don't mess with Lucifer

Don't mess with Lucifer

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Mickey By mikaelanay Completed

Everyone knows him. 
Everyone has a story about him. 
Everyone has an opinion on him. 
Everyone steers clear of his paths. 

And everyone has only one thing to say to her...Don't mess with Lucifer. 

But too bad, warning is after all just a warning and that's how she finds herself unraveling a mystery called Lucifer.

Copyrighted 2016.
Written by-Mikaelanay.
Cover by-EveningLatte.
I hope you will give this book a chance. Thank you. :)

  • alpha
  • badboy
  • beautiful
  • bestfriend
  • cooking
  • fighter
  • hate
  • heart
  • humor
  • love
  • possessive
  • romantic
  • sweet
  • true
Laura62842 Laura62842 May 25
Does this also include screenshots? Because I always screenshot my favorite parts of a book to refer back to or something. And I give all credits to the author whenever saying a quote/ phrase
There is when you just don't forget want to see that chapter because you know what's going to happen and you're just like I'm just going to go with her to the good part or they have sex the only type of skipping
One of my fave characters on spn, duhhhh. Oh sorry, wrong Lucifer jk jk
Which one?? Lucifer from Lucifer?? Or Lucifer from Supernatural??? Whichever one is okay with me cause they both fine as hell 
                              Aha puns
Jayric45 Jayric45 Nov 08
Hey can you follow me and read my book alone the tags afraid alone don’t
Shouldn't that say I'm your Dory or maybe I'm wrong and I'm just reading it wrong