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Don't mess with Lucifer

Don't mess with Lucifer

75.9K Reads 5.3K Votes 11 Part Story
Mickey By mikaelanay Updated Jan 24

Everyone knows him. 
Everyone has a story about him. 
Everyone has an opinion on him. 
Everyone steers clear of his paths. 

And everyone has only one thing to say to her...Don't mess with Lucifer. 

But too bad, warning is after all just a warning and that's how she finds herself unraveling a mystery called Lucifer.

Copyrighted 2016.
Written by-Mikaelanay.
Cover by-EveningLatte.
I hope you will give this book a chance. Thank you. :)

cuddlybbangtan cuddlybbangtan Oct 30, 2016
i feel like ill keep singing lucifer (SHINee) in my head the whole time while im reading this 😂
Hipster_5SOS Hipster_5SOS Dec 30, 2016
I have this thing too something like deja vu
                              IT MAKES HER AN ORACLE
- - Jan 24
Definitely reading because it looks absolutely amazing and I honestly can't wait
cold_fire_03 cold_fire_03 Oct 21, 2016
Btw has Jenna been her bestfriend after the accident or before?
lilTrollgirl lilTrollgirl Dec 29, 2016
ok. I'm officially going to read this literally because of this line. PERFECT
CharlieIsNotOnline CharlieIsNotOnline Dec 22, 2016
My worlds on fire, how 'bout yours, that's the way I like it and I'll never get bored