Talented Man, Mysterious Woman. |Black Butler| Sebastian Love Story

Talented Man, Mysterious Woman. |Black Butler| Sebastian Love Story

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Dead Meme *dab* By Eevee0607 Updated Sep 13, 2017

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   Claire was a girl who was always gone unnoticed. It was said she was cold and hateful. Hell, she even looked like it with her one blue eye and one amber, although the amber eye was always covered with her bangs, leaving only the icy cold blue eye. 

One day she is found in an alley, all alone, in the past. And by the butler of the Phantomhive boy.

---I DO NOT OWN Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji---


If this story is almost exactly like another, it is unintentional. All of this was made up in my mind (except for the canon parts, obviously) I also get no profit from writing this story. This is entirely for our (reader-chan and I's) enjoyment. Thank you.

@OllieMaeCarroll made the epic cover!

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The fancy food name reminded of Gordon Ramsey 😂😂😂😂
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Just say French fries dipped in mayonnaise
                              Legit, King Loius XIV loved that to eat, it was his favorite food
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At least it wasn't ace bandages, that shot does some serious damage
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Instead of 'he said. She nodded. He smiled.' you could have put 'He said, she nodded tiredly and he smiled.'
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Naruto isn't cool, sorry to offend peoples, it is my opinion and I don't expect others to agree
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I'm sorry but I ABSOLUTELY HATE NARUTO (not being rude to those who are Naruto fans)