The Other Way Around (Ben Drowned X Youtuber! Reader)

The Other Way Around (Ben Drowned X Youtuber! Reader)

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TheCreepypastaSniper By TheCreepypastaSniper Updated Jul 17, 2017

TheAnti-SocialButterfly (Your YouTube name) is a Gaming Youtuber. She has around 4,000,000 subscribers. She calls her fans: Butterflies. Her real name is (Y/n) (L/n). She's been doing game plays for 3 years. She uses face cam in her videos. She plays any game. One of her fans tell her to play Majora's Mask and search Ben Drowned before playing it. She gladly accepts that request. 
Ben Drowned has been a fan of her for One Year. He loves her game plays and admirers her. One day
 (Y/n) goes online to buy a Majora's Mask. She doesn't get any luck looking for one, so she decides to look around the neighborhoods Garage sales.

What happens when she gets the Majora's Mask that Ben haunts?


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BrayHeyHey BrayHeyHey Apr 16, 2017
I'd laugh harder if all he said was "hYAAAH" and BEN understood
TheHiatusIsKillingMe TheHiatusIsKillingMe Sep 06, 2017
Did you know
                              That people that have cancer as a zodiac sign are actually more sensitive and I happen to be a cancer July 13 yup I'm good at silent crying,cutting my thighs and being annoying as fück
TheHybridNeko TheHybridNeko Jun 23, 2017
BEN, calm your tits, i said i liked you better, not that you're hotter
SpawnofDeath SpawnofDeath Apr 17, 2017
Even if I was on my period, they wouldn't notice because I am one of the few girls who have literally no problems at all with their period. No mood swings, no weird pains, nothing. Except for stains sometimes, but I'm not gonna show them my pants.
TheHybridNeko TheHybridNeko Jun 23, 2017
I'm an emotional person, so people always think im on me period, and am i like the girl version of Jacksepticeye? Cuz that woykd be fooking awesome
IcePrincess217 IcePrincess217 May 07, 2017
Wft just happened?! I'm like dieing of laughter right now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂