The Choice Of The Heart

The Choice Of The Heart

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MarieCyrielle By MarieCyrielle Updated Nov 06

Days after the ascension of the new Polis Queen, Clarke, and her sister Lexa will make a discovery that will change the entire kingdom forever. A massacre of an entire grounder village by the member of the coalition, Skaikru. After a violent fight with her sister, Clarke left the battlefield and got in trouble. She was saved by a Skaikru soldier, Bellamy. At that very first moment they both realised that your people didn't define who you are. This will be a fight for justice, love, family beyond everything. 
And you how far will you go for love?

14/20 chapters released


Sounds interesting! I saw the trailer on YouTube and was drawn to come read the book.
I agree with Lexa, I would be angry and want to fight back too!
Wow 20 years! So Bellamy was born on the ground then right? Because he's suppose to be 20.
_Vivi01_ _Vivi01_ Sep 16
I follow you on YouTube and I was very excited to read the story, because the trailer was awesome😀. Thanks for uploading the chapters! I'm glad that I can read the story now and not only watch the trailer again and again😁💜 You write amazing and I looking forward the next chapter😉