Sebastian Stan imagines!

Sebastian Stan imagines!

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Wanna be Mendes ;) By MrsJamesBuchananHood Updated Jan 02


Sebastian Stan. This Romanian Cinnamon roll has basically kinda ruined my life. I mean...You know you're in deep when people say "You got a buck or two?" And all you think is: "Don't scream don't scream." 

Anyway. This book is an imagine book for Seb, Bucky, Jefferson, any character that he plays I'm willing to write. 

;) Thanks for reading!

M_N_Stan M_N_Stan Oct 27, 2016
I just checked the cast and saw
                              Thanks for telling me i'm atractive. I think you do too.
                              Even if I don't know you.
                              But thanks.
                              A LOT