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Ava Black and Nora Jones met in an orphanage at the age of fifteen, while both girls had bad past; they got along very well. Almost like sisters. 

Both girls turned to criminal activity and a big sense of adventure, getting kicked out of the orphanage at only the age of seventeen. 

Ava and Nora took interest in treasures, making it their future plans to find Henry Avery's treasure. 

Victor Sullivan took an interest in the two girls, hiring them to do jobs with the man, giving them a place to live, food and money. The two best friends later traveled the world, finding treasures.

Few years later, the girls have been introduced to Nathan Drake later by Sullivan. Meeting Sam Drake was a different story for Ava Black, as the two began to grow into each other's world.

Older book: the unknown (sam drake X oc)

_Krazypills_ _Krazypills_ 2 days ago
Just came from the unknown [Sam drake] super excited to read this
Good first line. Start with with a punch, that's the right idea.
Ooo, good lead in. I'm getting a sense for the kind of player Ava is. Stony on the outside, sweetheart on the inside?
I'm so excited, I already know this story is going to be great. 😃
I like what you did here. These lines paint a good image of our main character without being overly direct. The last sentence flows well, up to the word "belonging". I think you could cut out those last 5 words and be golden.
I think it could be fun to think up some of the crazy schemes these two got into. I could see them hustling dudes of all ages. It would be a great chance for a little character development.